Quality Nazis

Full time Nazis

New Delhi, India

All brilliant minds fail to see their mistakes, and they need some one to guide them to path of virtue. Cube26 is in search of new virtuous people.

We are currently seeking a White Box test person to work with a small team of test personnel and developers to help build amazing products that have user friendliness and functionality at its core. You’ll have the chance to work on a variety of apps and system features. As a test person, your opinion would decide whether a product is good enough for the market or not.

In this role, you might have to lead the end-to-end testing effort throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). This would require multiple tests on a single feature till all the bugs/drawbacks have been fixed and the software is up for release.


  • Develop and build performance test cases
  • Execute manual and automated performance test cases
  • Report test results to the engineering team for them to fix.
  • Work closely with developers on assigned test projects and help in delivering quality software.
  • Expected to drive innovation and provide solutions to performance related issues.
  • Technical knowledge (preferable but not necessary): Strong grasp of Java and object oriented programming concepts.