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Cube26 ships Gesture Control Software on 1M+ Devices in 1 Year


Cube26, the makers of gesture technology allows devices to recognise users, interpret human gestures, and understand their emotions. Founded by Saurav Kumar, Aakash Jain and Abhilekh Agarwal, the technology has been built over the past few years

10 Tech Startups That Stand Out From the Crowd


Mind boggling vision-tracking technology that senses if you’re looking away from the screen, leaving the room, etc. and reacts accordingly. For example, if you walk away and are watching a movie, it automatically pauses.

Making smart devices, smarter


A Silicon Valley startup, founded by three Indians, has developed technology that allows mobile devices and TVs to recognise users, interpret human gestures and understand their emotions

Six local smartphone makers forge alliance with Cube26


Cube 26, a smartphone software firm based in the U.S., which recently snapped up former CEO of S Mobility Ltd. Kunal Ahooja as an advisor, will now allow several local OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) such as Celkon, iBerry and Lemon Mobile to incorporate gesture-based capabilities in their offerings.

Cube26 Brings Galaxy S4-Style Gesture Control To India’s Six Leading Smartphone OEMs


Gesture control is a buzzword on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, and after Samsung debuted a number of touch-free control features with the Galaxy S4, it’s natural that other OEMs are looking to integrated the same kind of tech into their devices.

How Cube26 got 6 Indian Smartphone OEMs to use their gesture control technology


Startups working on a technology which they think will change the world often remain the way it starts out- a dream. It’s difficult for a small company to get a foot into the doorway of the bigger OEMs and convince them to use the new technology.

How Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising Could Work With Google Glasss


Eye-tracking ads are not unprecedented. Companies including Umoove, Tobii Technology and Cube26 already offer technology to track eye movements, gestures and even emotional responses to advertising.

Cube26, making it possible for computers to understand our emotions


The applications of this field could potentially go very, very far at the rate things are moving. At the forefront of developing this technology is Cube26, a Santa Clara based startup whose recent gesture controlled iOS app made waves when it launched a few months ago.

Look Away, And This iPhone App Pauses Your Video


LookAway, by Cube26, is a free iOS video app with an amazing trick*: Whenever you turn away from the screen, the YouTube clip will pause. Turn back, and it will continue to play.

20 best iPhone and iPad apps this week


It's a player for YouTube videos that pauses them if you look away from the screen, and mutes or unmutes the volume when you put your finger to your lips. A hint at possible user interfaces for future entertainment apps.

New free app brings Samsung’s ‘Smart Pause’ functionality to iPhone


Anticipation reached Apple-like levels head of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling last month, and one feature in particular generated a good amount of hype. Cube26 on Tuesday released a free iPhone app called LookAway Player ...

New gesture-control app: Look away to pause your video, “shhh” it to shut it up


Six months after we wrote about the three guys in a Santa Clara garage who are turning our eyes into remote controls, there’s finally an app to show off some of their handiwork. The bootstrapped startup Cube26 – formerly known as Predict Gaze – has today launched an iOS app called the LookAway Player, which lets you pause and mute YouTube videos with gestures. To pause a video, you simply look away; to mute, you raise your finger to your lips in a “shhh” gesture.

Small Companies, Big Innovations


“It will recognize your facial gestures or your facial expressions,” he said. “Like if you hold up your finger like it’s being shushed, it will quiet sound. It’ll recognize your face and it will say to itself ‘I know you, I’ve seen you before’ because it recognizes objects.”

21 Startups and 4 Trends You Need to Know Now


“Cube26 -- Makers of eye-tracking and facial-recognition software that enables users to do things like mute TV's by putting a finger to their lips, and detects users leaving the room, pausing the TV as it does.”

Death of the mouse! 6 new ways to control your PC


Cube26(formerly PredictGaze) can automatically pause the movie you are watching when you run to the restroom, or suggest shows similar to the one you were smiling at. It's a combination of gesture and facial recognition that works so naturally.

Cube26′s Technology Turns Your Face Into A TV Remote


The hardest thing about watching TV is finding the remote after a long, slovenly lounge on the couch. Cube26 aims to improve on that situation by turning your TV, phone, or tablet into a face-detecting powerhouse. What does that mean? Basically, your TV or other device will know when you're looking at it, who is in the room with you, and, more importantly, it will pause the program, call, or game when you leave the room.

Cube26′s 'natural vision control' lets you mute video by placing a finger to your lips


Imagine being able to mute your TV by shushing it or pausing a video simply by getting up. If Cube26 has its way, those types of interactions will come to TVs and smartphones in the near future.

The Best Gadgets at CES's Eureka Park: Mind-Reading Software and More


The software that reads your mind. Well, not exactly your mind, but the founders of Cube26 have developed a program that will one day allow users to hold a finger up to their lips to mute their televisions.

Apps aside, has the tech industry ever been more exciting?


Three engineers in Santa Clara, meanwhile, have developed technology that will allow you to change the channel just by looking at a specific section of your TV screen; or scroll down an article just by looking at the bottom of your iPad; or play a game on your smartphone just by moving your eyes.

Voices From The Startup Community:
What We Learned In 2012


I was privileged to interview a range of fascinating people this year, including entrepreneurs, investors, political operatives, and big thinkers. To look back on 2012.

Indians Revolutionizing The World Of Gesture Control Tech


Bangalore: For the proud lazy bones, who find heaven's comfort in couch in front of TV; who prayed hard for an alternative to reduce the labor of punching on remote control.

Revolutionize Interaction Design


What if you could move a cursor on your TV with just your eyes? Or turn the page of an ebook without using your hands? These are the promises of PredictGaze, what's basically (and somewhat allegedly) a series of ingenious.

Indians Helping To Bring Gesture Control To Devices


BANGALORE: It's the couch potato's ultimate dream. You move away from the sofa to refill your popcorn bowl, the TV automatically pauses; the moment you are back on the sofa, it restarts. You put a finger to your.

This Technology May Replace Your Remote Control


Ketan Banjara's living room isn't cluttered with remote controls. To shush the music, he simply holds a finger up to his lips. And when he gets up from the couch and leaves the room, his TV screen pauses automatically.

Startup May Beat Apple In Race To Revolutionize The Remote Control


Industry watchers have been waiting for Apple (AAPL) to burst into living rooms around the world for more than a year now. Either on an own-brand HDTV, a completely redesigned Apple TV.

Step Away from the Remote Control


Ketan Banjara's living room isn't cluttered with remote controls. To shush the music, he simply holds a finger up to his lips. And when he gets up from the couch and leaves the room, his TV screen pauses automatically.

Software Pauses Video When You Leave The Room


Not sure whether this falls under the category of "a little too much" or "pretty friggin' cool." PredictGaze is software that automatically pauses a video being played onscreen when viewers have left the room.

Will Your TV Soon Be Watching You?


PredictGaze is a start-up company in the US that specialises in innovative use of facial recognition when it comes to user interface and user metrics. Recently, the company spoke with GigaOm about its plans, as well as releasing a video demonstrating.

PredictGaze Pauses Video When You Leave the Room


You may never have to click a pause button again with PredictGaze, facial recognition and gesture-tracking software that senses when it's time to pause the video playing on your TV.

PredictGaze Pauses The TV Automatically When You Leave The Room


Imagine, if you will, that you are sitting around watching TV, and the sudden urge to grab a snack overtakes you. You try desperately to ignore it because you can't find the remote control.

TV Automatically Pauses When You Leave The Room FutureTech On


Pausing live TV is about to get easier. All you'll have to do is get up and walk out of the view of the screen, according to researchers working on the technology.

PredictGaze: Using The Camera In Your Phone Or Computer For Gesture Control, Eye Tracking, Face-Rec and More


When we first saw the Leap gesture control interface for the Mac, we were blown away.

PredictGaze Wants The TV To Look At You


We've all been there: You are watching a movie on TV, and it's time for a bio break, or you want to go to the fridge and grab something yummy. However, the remote control managed to once again disappear between the couch cushions.

Le Buzz De La Semaine : Vos Premières Impressions Sur L'iPhone 5 ?


Want to scroll up? Look up. Want to scroll down? Look down. PredictGaze is a control interface system developed by Aakash Jain, Abhilekh Agarwal, and Saurav Kumar.

4 Indians In Santa Clara Are Predicting Your Gaze Help Apps Leverage Front Facing Cam


Techies coding away in a garage is the quintessential startup story one associates with. Four Indians, tucked away in a garage in Santa Clara have developed a technology.

Control An E-Reader With Your Eye Movements


Want to scroll up? Look up. Want to scroll down? Look down. PredictGaze is a control interface system developed by Aakash Jain, Abhilekh Agarwal, and Saurav Kumar. Working from a garage in Santa Clara.

Three Guys In A Garage Are Turning Your Eyes Into Powerful Remote Controls


Forget voice controls as the future of TV. Instead, it will be all about your eyes. The technology already exists, and it was built by three young men in a garage. In their spare time.

PredictGaze: Because Using A Remote To Pause TV Is Hard


Among life's many challenges, there's a terrible problem affecting literally hundreds of millions of people around the globe: when we're watching television.

Launch Silicon Valley' Attracts A-List Of Funders, Innovators


With over 20 panelists and speakers and 30 startups launching their products during "Launch SV" at the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus here, June 5 was a day filled with.

PredictGaze's Software Follows The Eyes, Expressions Of Users


PredictGaze, which is seeking $1 million in funding, is working on technology to track the eye movements, expressions and gestures of people using mobile devices and PCs through the cameras.

Software Tracks Your Gaze For Gaming, Apps - Silicon Valley


The business: PredictGaze Inc. is developing technology that enables software developers to use the camera on the front of many mobile devices and computers to monitor what.

TECH UPDATE: Zynga Affected By Facebook. Linux Creator Pulls No Punches


Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux operating system, made it abundantly clear that he was not a strong supporter of Silicon Valley darling NVIDIA, calling it "by far the worst hardware.

Startup Watch: PredictGaze


PredictGaze, a brand new Silicon Valley startup, is creating a future where video game characters can be controlled with your head, where your phone can judge your reaction to commercials and.

PredictGaze Selected To Present At SVForum's Launch: Silicon Valley 2012 Showcase For Top Tech Startups From Around The World


MEGA Startup Weekend 2012 mobile track winner PredictGaze has been selected to present PredictGaze Neo SDK.

Silicon Valley Lineup Of Hot Emerging Startups To Publicly Launch their Innovations To Silicon Valley's Most Influential VC and Angel Investors


SVForum (, the leading non-profit organization for technologists and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.